Aberdeen 2012

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Aileen Fyfe (School of History, University of St Andrews) as History of Science Section President at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen, 4-9 September 2012. She will present and compere the Presidential session, Victorian Science Spectacular.

Aileen’s academic research focuses on the popularisation and communication of the sciences in the 18th and 19th centuries. She is interested in traditional forms of communications (printing, publishing, letter-writing, public lecturing, museums and exhibitions), and intrigued by how they compare with the new and emerging technologies of the twenty-first century. She is the author of Science and Salvation (2004), editor of Science for Children (2003) and Science in the Marketplace (2007), and presenter of a TEDx talk on the ‘Victorian Information Revolution‘. She has just published Steam-Powered Knowledge: William Chambers and the business of publishing, 1820-1860 (2012), which investigates the adoption of industrial technologies in the Edinburgh publishing trade. She is currently co-chair of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland.

We are running two events at Aberdeen:

We are supporting two further events:

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