Science fiction and religion – your visions

Here are the contributions from audience members at the event in Bradford on 10 September 2011. As Cheryl Jackson wrote on her picture of a sun-basking God – ‘vision – a way to have fun!’

  • Not necessarily religion but possibly a collective consciousness – Borg-like
  • The sense of the hugeness of space and / or time and the recognition that all their world cannot just have appear by accident – therefore the only other way is positive creation instigated by another type of being
  • The vision of religion is that it is human’s attempt to answer the question Why? Not what or how, which is where science does its thing. Human’s why is human. Other species may have an entirely other notion of why? Human’s Why is based on our collected experience & thinking about why there is an ‘is’ anyway. We find experientially that we have the ability to sense the beyond our individual & our group selves. It’s our sense of the spiritual, in my words, our human ability to sense the beyond. I am a Quaker, and my xprce & eden leads me to a loving God who creates & loves his creation. I know others deny they have such a spiritual sense at all & others still have a much better developed one than I do. I expect a version of my religious understanding could exist on other worlds too – a loving God, who loves their creation, & gives it free will to explore the creation & so maybe, come to know this creator (Timothy Phillips)
  • The Emperor is the Godhead, the Creator’s avatar on this plane. All hail the Emperor! His is the power and the wisdom, to lead us against the heretics and outsiders. His blessing encompasses our souls and his vision guards our borders. All hail the Emperor! May our bodies be proof against the depradations of the unbelievers, and our hearts be proof against their blandishments. Praise the Inquisition, who root out the faithless, those who have fallen from the way. All hail the Emperor! We give thanks to the Righteous Brigade, and pledge ourselves to the Holy Crusade. One world, one system, one universe united under the Emperor. Praise his name!

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