Your visions (text)

  • Lightweight, flexible, more robust portable devices that can be retrofitted, don’t need wires to recharge
  • Treatment for type 1 diabetes:

Insulin in an implant placed under skin, released according to reading from continuous blood glucose monitor also implanted under skin. If output info needed, sent automatically to pda / phone

  • Stem cell technology developed to allow ‘safe’ (no risk of rejection) islet cell transplants
  • Sat-Nav – traffic control:

Gives travellers the best mode of transport + route for their journey taking into account current traffic situation and using mathematics to optimise travel for “all”; this system could also ‘drive’ traffic lights and trains + buses to allow “supply” and “demand” to be matched. Merging of travel systems – merged with lift-sharing etc

  • Microchip your kids – which will be followed by clandestine invention to negate same as kids rebel Izzy Hanson
  • Keeping track of everything bought leads to targetted advertising & then to “thou shalt buy” on pain of punishment; “credit limit” means you have to spend at least that much [the “black market” economy?] Izzy Hanson
  • Get us to grow 3rd set of teeth around age 60 or so (crocodile genes?) Izzy Hanson
  • More glitter
  • Implanted mobile phone  technology – technical telepathy – internet access
  • Ocular imaging
  • Roll on ‘The Borg’
  • Artificial flexible lens to replace crystallised lenses in older people’s eyes; main problem is integration with existing muscles for focusing copyright M. Andrews
  • Integrated medical system incorporating nutrition, psychological & ‘alternative’ therapies with conventional medicine for a holistic personalised & preventive-emphasised medical service copyright M. Andrews
  • Micro mineral mining equipment – for coping with diminishing natural resources; perhaps fully automated copyright M. Andrews
  • Space-hoover for catching or slowing down orbiting space dust copyright M. Andrews
  • Bluetooth concealed packet switching on all bluetooth devices for an alternative low-speed “postal” network with no mobile masts copyright M. Andrews
  • Watch with medical monitoring + advice on required food intake, etc on a continuous basis copyright M. Andrews
  • Much better operating systems on your British personal optical computer copyright M. Andrews
  • The relegation of technology to a more concealed / subordinate role & resurgence of more back-to-nature living copyright M. Andrews
  • AI: D. R. Brown

They have made a silicon neurone that is operationally indistinguishable from a human neurone, except it works 200 times faster. At some point in the next few decades a computer that is as intelligent as a human will be built.

If I spoke to another person for 15-20 seconds & they took an hour to reply I doubt that I would regard such a person as intelligent at any level. If a computer as intelligent as me, but thinks 200 times faster than me spoke to me for 15-20 seconds I would take about an hour to reply – would it regard me as intelligent? It is more likely that it would end up outthinking me & therefore controlling me.

Conclusion: soon sentient computers will be in charge.

  • Energy: D. R. Brown

Interstellar travel requires the ability to control 100Tw. Sizewell B produces 3500Mw thermal 1380 Mw electric. If this increases by about 5% p.a. we reach 100Tw in about 200 years. Therefore any extra-terrestrial visitors will be intelligent computers, with no interest in communicating with such low life as us.


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